Resources for Running Virtual Events

Resources to help GMs run events online, for those seeking assistance or inspiration

Strategicon conventions is using and supporting Discord. However, individual hosting departments may support other applications as well. If you feel you are going to need support, please check with the hosting department for what they are willing to help with.

  • Discord The de facto text and voice chat application for Gamex 2020. Discord will be essential for joining games, and many game can and will be run in small channels (or on separate servers).
  • Zoom Video chat app de jour, good for short games with many players (or longer games if you have a subscription). Free with up to 100 participants for up to one hour.
  • Google Hangouts Another video chat app. Closely tied to Google accounts, but free without a duration ilmit for events with up to 10 participants.
  • Tabletop Simulator Physics aware tabletop simulator with hundreds of games available. Must be purchased separately.
  • Tabletopia Free online tabletop simulator, with another suite of games.
  • Roll20 Virtual tabletop for RPGs.
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